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Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics Consultants and Professional Engineers
Since 2008

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NING Research is Singapore's leading finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics consulting firm supported by NAFEMS UK and JSME Japan certified Professional Simulation Engineers and IMechE and IStructE UK Chartered Engineers.

NING Research is the Industry Standard for FEA & CFD

Starting from Commencement 2020, the National University of Singapore will be awarding the NING Research Medal & Prize to the most outstanding graduating engineer in the field of Computational Engineering Science.

Starting from 2022, the Singapore Institute of Technology jointly with University of Glasgow will be awarding the
NING Research Book Prize to the most outstanding graduate in the field of Modelling and Simulation under the Mechanical Engineering Programme.

Data Center CFD

Data Center CFD

NING Research has vast experience in analyzing data centers air flow and thermal management with advanced software - 6SigmaRoom

Offshore & Marine Structure Analysis

Offshore & Marine Structure Analysis

At NING Research we have the capabilities to design and analyse large and complex structures such as FPSO and oil rigs.

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

NING Research uses specialize software - KRASTA to analyze cranes residual fatigue life

Topology Optimization

Topology Optimization

The heart stent is the smallest structure that has been designed and analysed at NING Research.

Airflow and Ventilation Analysis

Airflow and Ventilation Analysis

At NING Research we consistently support our clients in conducting micro-climatic simulation with actual meteorological data.

Pipe Stress and Surge Analysis

Pipe Stress and Surge Analysis

NING Research has vast and in depth knowledge in carrying out acoustic simulation for noise level reduction.

NINGResearch Simulation Engineers

NINGResearch Simulation Engineers

From a simple light bulb to complicated workstation. NING Research has extensive experience in designing and analysing electronics products.

Simulating Innovation

Our Expertise





  • Pipe stress & surge analysis

  • AERMOD air dispersion modeling

  • Dynamics Analysis

  • Acoustic Simulation

  • Fluid Structure Interaction

  • Daylight and Glare Simulation

  • Multibody Dynamics Simulation

Your Interests

  • Structure design and failure analysis

  • Shock, impact and vibration analysis

  • Air and pollutant dispersion analysis

  • Rotor dynamics analysis

  • Ventilation analysis for Green Mark certification

  • Data center and indoor airflow analysis

  • Noise reduction and acoustic analysis

  • Explosion and combustion analysis

  • Macro and micro climatic analysis

  • Daylight and glare analysis

  • Pipe stress and surge analysis

  • Fire and ventilation analysis

  • Heat transfer and thermal analysis

  • Fatigue and fracture analysis

  • Water treatment and filtration analysis

  • Material modeling

  • Evaporative cooling

  • Green water loading analysis

  • Injection molding analysis

  • CFD simulation Singapore

  • FEA simulation Singapore


Mon Mar 11 2024 04:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Fluid structure interaction, fatigue life

NING Research has been awarded a contract by a German international company, headquartered in Stuttgart, for building design and EPC in controlled and regulated environments such as semiconductor, life sciences, chemical industries and data centers.

NING Research will bring together CFD and FEA engineers to conduct fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis to design and improve structure and fatigue life of vanes in ducting.

To achieve high precision simulation result for quality product development, this project will require NR Engineers to conduct rigorous selection process for appropriate turbulence model and meticulously work on multiscale meshing due to the curved surfaces and slenderness of the vane.

Solvers: Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical

Our Partners


NING Research is a partner of DOCAN Ltd (UK), an engineering consulting firm with specialization in finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics based in Northwest UK. The firm headed by Mr Rick Carroll, an experienced chartered engineer, has the tools and capabilities to support a wide range of industries with their complex projects which include oil and gas, nuclear and automotives.

NING Research is a member of NAFEMS.


NING Research is a partner of Serendipity Research, a California based research organization dedicated to releasing and capturing the natural creativity of the human spirit and the power of serendipitous interaction of ideas.

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