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Biomechanics simulation of human aorta

Biomechanics simulation of human aorta carried out by NING Research engineers. The animation shows blood flows through the aorta which will be carried further by the hepatic artery to the liver. This work includes also the inferior vena cava (IVC) and portal vein which will be shown in subsequent posts.

Challenges in carrying out this simulation include (1) converting the liver CT scan to a 3D CAD model and (2) smoothing surfaces of the raw CAD model for polyhedral meshing.

The work is powered by Dell high performance workstations and Ansys SpaceClaim, Fluent and HPC packs.

NING Research engineers who are equipped with in-house derived modelling and simulation philosophy and techniques and we are always keen to share our experience. Please visit us at and drop us an email.

Solvers: Ansys Fluent


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