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Computational Fluid Dynamics Singapore Finite Element Singapore Professional Simulation Engineers

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Professional Simulation Engineers

NAFEMS UK Certified

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a numerical method that engineers used to solve and predict physical fluid flow patterns using powerful workstations.

In Singapore, NING Research is the most established Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) consulting firm supported by NAFEMS UK and JSME Japan certified Professional Simulation Engineers and IMechE Chartered Engineers.

Our Capabilities
  • Pollutants dispersion in urban environments

  • Natural ventilation analysis for Green Mark certification

  • Data center cooling, airflow and CRAC balancing design and analysis

  • Noise reduction and acoustic analysis

  • Explosion and combustion analysis

  • Macro and micro climatic analysis

  • Sloshing analysis

  • Fire and ventilation analysis

  • Heat transfer and thermal analysis

  • Fatigue and fracture analysis

  • Water treatment and filtration analysis

  • Evaporative cooling

  • Green water loading analysis

  • Wind driven rain

computational fluid dynamics singapore.j

Natural ventilation and high plume fans pollutants dispersion analysis carried out by NING Research Simulation Engineers for Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)​ using turbulence flow model and species transport for the pollutants. Solver: Siemens FloEFD

Sample CFD Projects

Natural ventilation & Green Mark related

  • Singapore Oceanarium (World largest)

  • SkyTerrance @ Dawson​

  • SkyResidence @ Dawson

  • Punggol Vue

  • Punggol Bayview

  • Waterway Woodcress

  • Punggol East C41

  • Punggol West C34

  • Pasir Ris Central Hawker Center

  • Yishun Park Hawker Center​

  • Jurong West St 21 Hawker Center

  • Changi Naval Base​

Wind driven rain

  • Jurong East MRT station extension

  • MacPherson Nursing Home

  • West Coast Link Nursing Home

Thermal cooling analysis of substations

  • Labrador Substation (South East Asia largest substation)

  • Jurong Island 400kV Substation

  • Mediapolis Substation

  • Changi Airport Terminal 5 Substation


Data centers (More than 70 data halls)

  • US largest US online retailer

  • China largest China online retailer 

  • Major banks data centers

  • Global Switch Data Center

  • Keppel Data Center

  • Princeton Digital Group Data Center

  • Bridge Data Center

  • DSTA Data Center

  • Changi Prison Data Center

Mechanical ventilation & high plume fans

  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

  • Woodlands Checkpoint extension

  • RWS expansion

  • Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex​

  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital

  • Outdoor cooling at Mandai Zoo

  • Changi Prison indoor badminton court

  • Kimberly-Clark Tuas mill 

Computational fluid dynamics analysis conducted by NING Research Professional Simulation Engineers on Williams FW42 Formula One racing car travelling at 200kmh. The vortices are captured in the flow simulation. Solver: FloEFD CAD: Navraj Dhillon, Keith Moore

Computational fluid dynamics simulation carried out by NING Research Professional Simulation Engineers of a shark swimming beside an Agosta-class submarine travelling at 26 knots. Solver: FloEFD CAD: Sakis Sakis & Canards PK

Acoustic design and analysis of wet scrubber using computational fluid dynamics coupled with discrete particles method for modelling water spray carried out by NING Research Simulation Engineers

Solver: Ansys Fluent

computational fluid dynamics singapore.p
english pipe gif.gif

Water hammering may result in cavitation which have harmful consequences to pipes. Pipe surge analysis conducted by NING Research Simulation Engineers

Solver: AFT Impulse

pipe 5.gif

Explosion and structure damage analysis carried out by NING Research Simulation Engineers

Solver: Siemens FloEFD coupled with NX-NASTRAN

The world first fluid-structure interaction (FSI) red blood cell model developed by NING Research founding engineer Dr Chee Chin Yi 
Physics Letters A 372(9):1357-1362
computational fluid dynamics Singapore R
computational fluid dynamics Singapore R
Fluid–structure interaction (FSI) is the coupled behaviour of deformable structure with the surrounding fluid flow domain. The flow exerts influence on the movable structure while the deformed structure affects the flow behaviour in return. Fluid flow domain is solved using computational fluid dynamics governed by Navier-Stokes equations and the deformable structure is solved using finite element analysis method.
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