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Sloshing analysis using fluid structure interaction (FSI) and volume of fluid (VOF)

Fluid structure interaction (FSI) simulation of a cubic meter tank placed on board a marine vessel that is working under an extreme operating condition of 10 degree roll in 4 seconds. The sloshing analysis used a complex combination of fluid structure interaction which linked up finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) numerical methods and volume of fluid (VOF) which modeled the flow interaction between water and air. In the two-way FSI coupling analysis, motion is applied to the steel tank and the resultant forces are transfered to the fluid. In the VOF assignment, water is assigned as blue and air is assigned as red. The colors in between represent spaces occupied by different percentage of air and water.

Solver: ADINA Structure, ADINA Fluid and ADINA FSI

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Modeling carried out by NING Research

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